Visual Communication
Giving young people a visually engaging way to voice their opinions and engage with their future
We believe that video production is a very important medium of communication. We want to use videography as a tool to help better equip young people for the world of work and education. We also look for video production to be an educative tool, capturing moments from enlightening talks to captivating conversations, to help grow the intake of relevant information.
We speak with and interview various profesionals, gaining invaluable insight into their journey, decisions they made, as well as exposing you to a variety of organisations
"we're living in an era where 1 short video can lead to 1 million lives changed"
- cephas williams
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Before i Became
 Before I Became is a never-ending online series of interviews. Our aim is to organize the world’s careers on one online hub, encouraging young people to proactively and effectively engage in their potential career options and their future journey by hearing other professional’s journeys in the attempt to help them understand how they can become what they want to become.    
For example if a young person is currently working part time in Tesco's but they want to be an accountant one day, how can they get from part time work in Tesco to full time employee at PwC for example. Our videos will give them the opportunity to not only hear stories but also hear practical steps that others took to achieve success in their profession and as a result of this, help the young people make better informed decisions regarding their journey.
These videos will show the personable and professional career journeys of men and women in industry, which in turn encourages, inspires and motivates young people, enabling them to start to create their own career journey. We do not wish to dictate to them the steps they need to take off the back of these videos but we are simply showing them the possiblities out there so that their journey can be more meaningful and calculated.